ingredient sourcing

Our mission at niKETO is simple: to provide you with the most

delicious classic food favorites that will separate us from the rest.


The key?


All of the ingredients used in our dishes are low carb alternatives to the norm, making our menu entirely low carb, guaranteed keto friendly + 100% GUILT FREE! 

It is our priority to source only organic meat and vegetables to prepare your meals. 

No processed ingredients are used in our menu items and we pride

ourselves in sourcing our ingredients from farms instead of factories. 


Our meats are sourced from free-range animals who graze on pesticide-free soil. 

Animals who live their lives outside of confinement are happier, healthier, and are able to gather natural nutrition free from harmful hormone-injected feed systems.

The farms we source from allow pasture-raised livestock to grow naturally without the use of non-therapeutic anit-biotics or added hormones.


Our veggies are sourced from organic farms and are grown in pesticide-free soil. 

Nutrient-rich soil produces tastier vegetable for our customers' consumption. 

We make it a priority to work with farmers who care for the environment and do not use harmful chemicals in their soil.